Franklin Family Martial Arts

Our Family Martial Arts Classes Create An Experience Like No Other

At Chosun Black Belt Academy, we're so excited to offer you and your child the chance to train together and have a blast. Our Family Martial Arts classes offer exciting Tae Kwon Do instruction that you and your child can take on side-by-side.

We offer scalable instruction to meet the needs of all skill sets and we work hard to maintain a lighthearted environment where everyone can have fun!

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What Can You Expect From Our Family Martial Arts Program? 

There's nothing we love more than bringing together families across our community for an awesome blend of physical fitness, mental discipline, and effective self-defense.

Our Family Martial Arts classes challenge men, women, and children of all ages to learn the foundations of traditional martial arts disciplines and improve their skills one step at a time. We're giving your child a chance to be surrounded by positive role models who can help them learn and have a blast.

Come see us here at Chosun Black Belt Academy here in Franklin for:

  • Improved discipline, focus, and attention to detail
  • Lifelong habits of physical fitness and exercise
  • Incredible confidence in all aspects of life
  • Family memories that will last a lifetime

Don't Miss Out On Our Family Martial Arts Classes Here In Franklin!

If you're looking for an awesome way to stay active and spend quality time with your loved ones, we have the answer here at Chosun Black Belt Academy. Our Family Martial Arts classes are perfect for people all across Franklin and we can't wait for your child to see everything we have to offer.

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