Sahbumnim Sandy Haberichter , Martial Arts Instructor

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Sahbumnim Sandy Haberichter

Mrs. Haberichter is a 3rd Degree Black Belt originally from Milwaukee. She got into TKD in 2004 because her son, Hunter, was in it and she thought it looked like fun. Her husband, Eric and two sons are also in TKD. Mrs. Haberichter is a very dedicated and detailed Instructor.

What is your favorite part of studying martial arts? I love getting a great workout, learning practical material such as self-defense, and also being part of a family-oriented school.

What is your favorite part of teaching? I love seeing students progressively become more coordinated and have more self-confidence.

Favorite kick? 360 Back Kick.

Best accomplishment in TKD so far? Earning my 1st degree and continuing to train

Future goals for TKD/martial arts training? My long-term goal is to never stop training in TKD.

Misc info: My career interest is in investigating the molecular and cellular biology of von Willebrand disease. My hobbies include fishing, hunting, hiking, running, biking, and reading.

Any mottos or philosophy of life? You can achieve anything; set goals and stay on the path.

Advice to beginning students? Just keep trying. Since you get to line up in the back of the class, you get the opportunity to watch higher belts, and no one is watching you. Everyone in the class was a white belt at one time.

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