Sahbumnim Chellie Beaudot, Martial Arts Instructor

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Sahbumnim Chellie Beaudot

Mrs. Beaudot is a 2nd degree Black Belt from Milwaukee who has been in Tae Kwon Do since 2010.

Why did you start TKD? My daughters are both students and I thought it would be fun to learn what they were learning.

What is your favorite part of studying martial arts? Allowing myself to become singularly focused, mind and body, on the lesson that is being taught.

What is your favorite part of teaching? Watching the joy on the students faces as they learn and then master new techniques.

Favorite kick? Flying side kick

Best accomplishment so far in TKD? Learning to glance at the horizon to get my bearings, but to keep my focus in the moment.

Future goals for martial arts training? To still be learning and practicing when I am very, very old.

Misc. interests? I like learning new languages, reading, exercising, baking and making greeting cards.

Any mottos or philosophies? Team work makes the dream work.

Any advice for beginning students? Ask for help when you need it. Our school is full of people willing to spend time sharing their knowledge and ability.

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