Instructor Lucas Oulahan, Martial Arts Instructor

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Instructor Lucas Oulahan

Mr. Oulahan is a 1st Degree Black Belt and has been training at Chosun since 2007.

Why did you start TKD? I wanted to be like my hero, Jet Li.

What is your favorite part of studying the martial arts? I think it was the free cookies.

What is your favorite part of teaching? The joy I impart on my students through vigorous workouts.

Favorite Kick? 720 triple jump spin kick.

Best accomplishment in TKD so far? I love it all.

Future goals for TKD/martial arts training? Becoming a ninja warrior.

Misc info: I dunno.

Motto/philosophy of life? Don't take any wooden nickels.

Advice to beginning students? Don't talk in class. It worked for me!

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