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My 5 year old son recently started the Little Ninja program. He absolutely loves going to class and is learning a lot! We have also noticed a difference at home with him being more respectful and responsible. Thank you to the instructors for all that you do!!

Megan Mustopich

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My youngest daughter has always been quiet and because of that, she would shy away from new people and things. She started going to Chosun about two years ago, my hope being that she would find something she loved to do and gain some confidence. She has gone from walking in with her head down and standing in the back, to wanting to participate in tournaments, asking younger students if they need help, even being thrilled to be asked to be front and center performing with the demo team. Never did I think I would see my Kenzie be so excited to be put on the spot and show us what she can do. She has gained so much confidence in every aspect of her life. We owe a huge part of her success to the wonderful instructors at Chosun as well as all of their amazing members, who always go out of their way to make her feel comfortable. We have only been here a short time, but we have shared loss together as well as celebrated successes together, they truly make you feel like family. I look forward to watch her continue to grow, and reach that ultimate goal of black belt! Thank you Chosun BBA, you have done more than you know, and we appreciate it!

Nichole McAllister Hansen

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Excellent little ninja class for 3 year olds. My son loves his class, even tho his attention span is little. He has learn a lot so far. He knows how to count up to five in Korean. He is learning the different stances (attention, ready, fighting, horse). Also his low block and middle punch. All of this and it hasn’t been a month since he started. I am very happy with our decision to put him in this academy. Strongly recommend to others.

Roxana Hernandez

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My son who turned four recently started little ninjas six weeks ago and we couldn't be happier. Before that we did a five week trial else where and there is no comparison that this is by far the best place. Our take always from these short 6 weeks we've noticed increase in self-confidence, more respect for adults when something is asked of him, cleaning up after himself and being proud of it, and he just has so much fun every time he goes to practice! He has also learned some Korean! Kid fun is definite with the games and obstacle courses that integrate punches, kicks, and blocks. Flexibility in the schedules really makes it easy for adults. I do not have anything negative to say about Chosun. Just an awesome place.

Krista Augle

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My son and I joined Chosun several years ago. It was mostly for him. He had moderate attention deficit issues and lacked focus. His teachers struggled to keep him on task. After just a few months his teachers said to us, "Your son has improved so much! Whatever you are doing keep it up!" We explained that he is now taking TKD classes at this amazing place called Chosun Blackbelt Academy. Soon I got involved and was hooked! The family atmosphere and intentionality of instruction and the gentle yet firm encouragement toward advancing your skills helped me earn a red belt in just a year and a half. Unfortunately, my job took me overseas. Master Peterson and his staff are world class!

Andrew Limmer

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Our 3 year old daughter has thrived in the Little Ninjas class. She is learning discipline around others and of herself, self defense and stranger danger. She enjoys all of her instructors and asks to go to class every day! We are so happy with our investment in Chosun for her!

Kristin Dodds

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After 2 years of watching my children in class, I joined last October. I can honestly say it was one of the best things I've ever done. The professionalism of the staff is second to none. Not only has it increased my physical activity, it has created more focus in my day to day life. Good friends and good times all wrapped up in one. Come in and watch or try it out, you won't be dissapointed!

Sean Lesnjak

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My son Ben got his start in martial arts at Chosun Black Belt Academy. He was 5 when he started as a Little Ninja and continued for 3 years until we moved to CA. It was difficult to find a martial arts school in CA that came close to Chosun, which is pretty amazing given that they are all over the place out here. We tried another tkd school upon arrival and after 3 months we told Ben he could quit. We did not want him to sour on martial arts when he had enjoyed it so much. We have since found a karate/Taekwondo/hapkido school that both kids love. Ben progressed at an unheard of pace due to his training with Master Peterson. It is very likely both kids will earn their black belts, and it is in great part due to the foundation Chosun provided.

Sara Matuk Vogel

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